Summerteeth Band

Summerteeth: Ben, Tilly, & Tom


Summerteeth were a great band of high-functioning teenagers from Frome Somerset who took their name from the much loved Wilco album. Mixing influences from Leonard Cohen to Ash they created a smart punk pop that drew comparisons as a punchy Bright Eyes. Made up of brothers Tom and Ben Stephens, Tilly MacAlister-Smith, Toby Prin, and Pat Southwell, who was later replaced by Giles Harvey. The band released two cracking singles, ‘Electric Sleep’ on Bath label Purr Records and ‘Noisy Stars’ b/w ‘Story of the Universe’ on our own Pima County Records. Both released as 7″ singles, independent radio quickly picked up on their infectiously catchy tunes.

Sadly, summer ended too soon for Summerteeth as London’s St Martins and Oxford King’s College called for Tilly and Giles respectively. Brothers Stephens headed for London to continue their musical careers. Tom and Ben have set up their own recording studio and make up the brunt of musical sensation Over Sands. Over Sands have just released their 2nd EP – their first released on uber-hip US label B3 SCI Records and are being touted as the nextist and biggest… Tilly has taken the world of fashion by storm – currently Editorial Director at Diane von Furstenburg in NYC, previously telling the populous what to wear at Vogue and London’s Evening Standard Magazine. Toby stayed in music, and Frome, and is a successful club owner. Tallest member Pat is still a giant but now in PR. And Giles, who always drummed with a book in his back pocket, has taken his Oxford educated literary genius to America and is currently as senior editor at Harpers in NYC.

Were Summerteeth a success? There was always something special about those Somerset teens and releasing two great singles during school holidays confirms they were destined, as a band or individually, for greatness. Although they are no more, Summerteeth continue to be a huge successes.