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Pima County Records is the musical arm, err… I mean ear, of Drowning Cowboy Films. Pima County Records has released music from bands Super J Lounge and Summerteeth. Named after the county that Tucson Arizona is located, the label is based in London England but pays homage to the county Tucson Arizona is located in, a nod to Stuart Smith and Don Brosnan from Super J Lounge who grew up in Tucson.

Fitting with the cycle of life & death, Pima County Records was born as Creation Records was dying. Creation offered to release Super J Lounge’s first album Finally… However, the news came with the devastating news that Creation was to fold. Asked if Super J Lounge would be Creation’s final release, cementing the band in the annals of history (at least). It was not to be – Primal Scream had been earmarked as the final release.

Super J did take up the offer of help from Creation to set up their own label and the promise of support to release Finally… The support Super J received from Creation’s Mark Bowen & Dick Green – now at Wichita Recordings, as well as from Fierce Panda’s Simon Williams, was extremely¬†generous and rarely found in the music industry. Pima County Records was born.