Dear Friend, - Natalie Gudgeon

‘Dear Friend,’ – Natalie Gudgeon


Drowning Cowboy Films – Short Films

Drowning Cowboy Films – Short Films. The short film is like a 7″ single – even if you hate it – it is not too painful to last three and a half minutes until it is over… As Jim Thompson, one of Drowning Cowboy Films  favourite writers said about writing a novel – “shoot your babies”, meaning cut out all the fluff and stick to the story. A reason why Jim Thompson novels are all 180 – 200 pages long opposed to the current best sellers list running at 650 pages.


Dear Friend,

‘Dear Friend,’ was the first short film made by DCF. Inspired by the death of Andy Kenny, a dear friend of Drowning Cowboy Films. We used to sit around in the pub talking about all the creative things we were going to do. We didn’t… But his death proved to be the inspiration to create Drowning Cowboy Films – he is currently acting as a silent partner. ‘Dear Friend,’  was a way of getting through his unexpected death at such a young age. Still miss talking bollocks in the pub though… ‘Dear Friend,’ has been accepted to multiple film festivals around the world and Andy’s death sparked the fire under the arse of Drowning Cowboy Films. Long may it burn…


From Birth To Marriage

From Birth To Marriage is a documentary showing the charm, humour, strength and forgotten thoughts of two incredibly special people’s early years – Elizabeth and Danny Brosnan. Funny, poignant, naïve and romantic these recollections are, indeed, of another time recorded for future generations.

The sad part about making a film like this is all of the stories that did not make it into the final cut… Tales of Danny’s nightly missions to sabotage the construction of the Berlin wall or his short lived stint with the French Foreign Legion and Betty’s trip, by boat, across the Atlantic or her childhood game of catch, with the neighbour’s cat – for the moment, will lay unheard.

I find my parents inspirational (as does everyone who meets them) in their love, outlook on life and youthful exuberance. I thank them for their cooperation.