WHAT WE DO: Independent Film Production

Drowning Cowboy Films is an independent film production company. A one-stop-film shop. We have the experience and equipment to shoot and cut a film. With experience working solo, with a film crew, and with clients to ensure the desired vision is reached. The freedom achieved by having the capability to not only film, but edit, each of our projects helps keep our projects on agreed timelines.


Ania Butler from Butler & Mason:

Simon Berkovitch - Dear Friend,

But there are, if only rarely, men who would rather perish than work without any pleasure in their work. They are choosy, hard to satisfy, and do not care for ample rewards, if the work itself is not the reward of rewards. Artists and contemplative men of all kinds belong to this rare breed, as do men of leisure who spend their lives hunting, travelling, or in love affairs and adventures. All of these desire work and misery if only it is associated with pleasure, and the hardest, most difficult if necessary. Otherwise, their idleness is resolute, even if it spells impoverishment, dishonour, and danger to life and limb.” Friedrich Nietzsche


Although we price projects on a case by case basis, the mission for Drowning Cowboy Films – Film is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. 


The best laid plans… Generating ideas is what builds a good idea into a great idea. Drowning Cowboy Films has experience of projects growing organically from the input of others. Even a finished article can be improved – the aim is to work together to make the best possible project.



Drowning Cowboy Films will make multiple cuts available until you are satisfied. The goal is to give you what you want, and when you need it. To offer a chance for improvement only leads to client satisfaction, building a first or second or third cut fine tunes the film to achieve the best possible outcome.



Finishing a film is the most important and satisfying part of a Drowning Cowboy Films project. Finishing a film on time and on budget is what is most important to our clients. DCF is dedicated to provide the best result in the agreed timely manner.